The Challenger Learning Center of Indianapolis offers programs aimed at giving your business or corporate group a unique experience involving team-work, communication, and problem-solving skills.

A corporate mission offers:

‘Real-world’ Challenges
To compete in today’s markets, employees need to work collaboratively, communicate quickly and accurately and solve problems creatively. . .even under less-than-perfect conditions. 
This simulated space mission provides a learning experience offering real-world challenges in a unique environment that is out of this world!

‘Real-Time’ Dynamics
Skills and responses required during the simulation reflect workplace dynamics, providing for real-time learning, growth, and a chance to compare routine, reactions, and attitudes at work.

Real Action
The state-of-the-art simulator transports participants to a distinctive space setting.  As members of interrelated teams, the participants work to successfully complete the mission.  All participants receive pre-flight training and then work to achieve mission goals in Mission Control and Spacecraft. 


  • An opportunity to discuss and create improved communication skills

  • Practice critical thinking under stress

  • Practice prioritizing tasks and information

  • Solve problems effectively and efficiently

  • Learn in a fun and challenging environment

  • Improve corporate morale and collegiality

Corporate missions can be customized to meet your needs for outcomes and time frames.  Call us at 317-856-2167 to discuss many corporate mission options and available dates for your next retreat or team building experience.