How To Buy Horse Riding Clothing – Part One

For people who first start riding horses, there are so many things that they have to consider such as: the correct horse, the appropriate training and education, and, especially, first set of equipment and clothing.


Without doubt, factors such as having the right riding clothes, tack and saddlery are every bit as important as all the other factors mentioned above. In ensuring that the rider can ride the horse in comfort whilst maximising every safety consideration should always be paramount the people looking to take their first steps in this wonderful, and consuming pastime.


Understandably, the most important piece of equipment in riding is the riding hat. Designed to give the rider maximum protection around the head area should they fall off the horse or get kicked, riders should always ensure that the horse riding hat is worn at all times, and is fitted correctly to ensure it does not fall off during the ride. Today a wide variety of hats are available from leading stockists, and come available in a number of different colours and styles.


Horse riding jodhpurs are designed to cover the legs whilst riding, and whilst being tight fitting they should allow flexibility around the knee area. Typically horse riding jodhpurs will be reinforced around the inside in the area to provide extra padding and prevent rubbing against the side of the horse. You would normally expect to see horse riding jodhpurs worn in conjunction with jodhpur boots or other forms of long riding boots. Horse riding jodhpurs will typically come in lighter colours such as beige or white with piping and other forms of decoration around the trim.


Today, there is a greater number of people riding horses on a regular basis than ever before, and at present this trend shows no signs of slowing. Understandably therefore, there are a number of companies selling different varieties of riding clothing ranging from the basic through to the specialist, and more tailored equipment. It should be remembered that your horse riding equipment is designed primarily to provide protection from injury whilst riding your horse, and as such the appropriate amount of care should be taken when choosing your first set of riding clothing.


James Anderson works for Equi-online, one of the leading providers of horse riding jodhpurs and horse riding breeches online.

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