Challenger Learning Center of Indianapolis Mission Statement

Our vision is to create a scientifically literate population that can thrive in a world increasingly driven by information and technology. Our vision for the future is a global community where students command their own destinies by developing skills in decision making, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. This vision is based on a realistic assessment of the skills needed for success in the 21st century.

What is the Challenger Learning Center?

  • A space science simulation for young people in grades 5 and older and adult leadership training groups.
  • The Challenger Learning Center of Indianapolis offers 3 different simulations, each based on National Science and Math Standards.
  • Individuals assume the role of a mission specialist operating a spacecraft and mission control to navigate the spacecraft and complete the mission.
  • Individuals work as a team performing jobs that mirror science and technology careers in the real world.
  • Individuals conduct experiments and model real astronauts during their space mission.