Clicker Training Karen Pryor

Everything will go perfectly well if you do it the scientific way.  This is the reason behind the efficiency of clicker training karen pryor because it is based on scientific studies by a woman of science who is also an animal lover.  Just like teaching kids, dog training should also be anchored on certain principles, and with these principle, you can better achieve your goals for yourself as a trainer and for your pets as well when it comes to performing the tricks that you want them to do.

Karen Pryor, a marine mammal biologist, who has successfully integrated psychology and animal training, devised a simple training methodology that can help you develop your dogs from mere couch potatoes to canines of performance.  This methodology is called clicker training.  This kind of training uses a device called clicker, and this device sends out a clicking sound that would serve as a signal to the dog that a reward is coming because it was able to do the task the trainer instructed it to do.  This is actually based on the principles of conditioning and positive reinforcement, and these principles have been perfectly applied in this kind of training.  Now, a lot of dog professional dog trainers and even those normal pet owners have been using this kind of training with their dogs because it is simple to do and it doesn’t require too much effort on the parts of the trainer and the dog.  More importantly, the clicker replaces the whip in training the animals because this kind of training doesn’t really force the animal to do the trick, which is better for animals and for the trainers as far as their relationship is concerned.

If you want to learn more about clicker training karen pryor, you can actually refer to the internet, and you will be amazed that upon reading articles about this, you can actually do it by yourself.  This training methodology is very simple that you will be surprised that it can do a lot of stuff for you and for your pet when it comes to performing tricks and following your orders.

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Dog Clicker Training

Clicker training for dogs is one of the most scientific ways to bring out the best behavior in dogs. Clicker training for dogs is one of the most scientific and efficient dog behavior training as it eliminates all the problems that exist with the dog. Clicker puppy training and the behavior conditioning is really important if you want to see your dog excelling in all aspects. This method surely gives you the edge over other trainers training their dogs using different methods. The clicker training for dogs will not only enable your dog to understand all signals but will also help you to understand all the practical conditions under which certain animal reactions arises.

With the positive reinforcements and behavior motivation that arises from the clicker training your dog will be trained in a positive way. To understand the clicker training for dogs you first need to understand what a clicker is. It is a plastic toy which makes a distinctive clicking noise with the in-built metal strip. You will be able to learn about the different psychological problems that will be faced by the dog during its training and the measures required coping with them.

The basic advantages of the clicker training for dog are as follows:

An automatic development of bonding and mutual respect between the dog and the handler.

It is a sort of motivational training that is not only scientific and it does not involve any violent punishments, which for the record never helps.

Clicker puppy training is the best and it trains the dog from a very young age and firmly imprints the lessons in its mind.

The clicker training for dogs makes it stress free and happy and hence it has a healthy effect on the overall growth of the animal.

The clicker training for dogs actually encompasses a set of steps that will help your dog to understand all that is required from it. The first is that of the conditioning. Now conditioning can be distinguished into the operant conditioning and the classical conditioning. This actually includes the understanding for the dog that if it is successful in performing what was desired, it will be repaid in the way it expects. Like if you want your dog to greet you every time you return from the workplace you should understand that your dog will want to be repaid for the affection it is showing. It is not only about belly rubs or a friendly as you need to make the dog understand that you are its true companion and you will never harm it.

Positive reinforcement is another something that should be employed while training your dog. Like in the clicker training with the sound of the clicker it knows that it is being appreciated. So that is the motivational and the driving force for it to perform the work it will be doing.

The clicker training for dogs is an efficient tool so use it wisely and make yourself the proud owner of a trained dog.

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