Training Saddle

Equestrianism refers to the skill of riding or driving horses. Horseback riding was practiced as far back as the Bronze Age and was thereafter adapted to commerce, industry, war, sport, and recreation. Riding as a skilled sport developed from the style of mounted knights in the medieval period. The so-called academy style is popular in the E United States as well as in Europe. Riding as recreation has become increasingly popular in the United States, particularly in metropolitan and suburban areas.

Though the differences between English and Western riding appear dramatic, there are more similarities than most people think. Both styles require riders to have a solid seat, with the hips and shoulders balanced over the feet, with hands independent of the seat so as to avoid disturbing the balance of the horse and interfering with its performance. Horse jockeying is a sport where permanent, debilitating, and even life-threatening injuries occur. To avoid these injuries, one should pay good interested in selecting the right and perfect saddle. 

A perfect training saddle is constructed in such a way so that in motion it would be relatively straight providing the maximum comfort to the trainee. A Training saddle’s stirrup should also be made narrow so that the trainee can easily keep the foot in it.  I was looking for a Training saddle for long time and recently I have got a new one having extraordinary look, made up of soft leather at an amazing price of $ 300 only.  

I have tried this and found that it provides more comfort even in hill areas. So, if you have small kids in your family and you want to see them the future world-class rider, you need to teach them the basic lessons of riding. Use Training Saddle with good seat, fitting stirrups (29″ -34″), less weight, and swell size (13″), gullet (7″) and long horn. Heavy leather bell stirrups, Reinforced ties are available in the market and depending on your requirement you can select a suitable one that matches your personality. 

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