Advice When Buying Horseboxes And Customised Equitrek Horse Trailers

If you’re lucky enough to have as much room as you want to interact with your horse, maybe you live on a sizeable ranch or have a lot of estate land, then you may be able to fulfil your dreams without the need to travel. Most of us do not have the luxury of all this extra room and from time to time need to consider transportation for our animal. What we choose as a mode of transportation often depends on where we intend to take our horse and what we intend to do, especially if we are going to enter competitions from time to time. We need to be able to carefully consider our selection of horse trailers.

For simple situations, you might just want to consider horseboxes, which themselves come in a variety of sizes. If you don’t intend on travelling far, these might be an acceptable purchase for you, but you should note that in general horses will not be too happy in a principally confined space for long journeys. Be very critical when you are buying a horse box, especially if it is second-hand. Its integrity should never be in question, it should show no signs of rust or decay or wood rot. We all know that travelling can be somewhat dangerous at times and you should not cut any corners when selecting transportation for your prized possession.

You can choose from a variety of different designs, sizes and shapes when you are selecting your horse trailer. There are many different opinions about suitability and you should certainly take into account what your horse is happy with, as well. Sometimes a straight in load situation works okay, but many experts think that horses like to be slanted at an angle when they are moving. Remember that if you have a particularly large horse, you might not be able to slant it in at an angle in any case and this would dictate your selection.

Some trailer manufacturers, notably the company that makes equitrek horse trailers, offer you the option of loading your horse in backwards, which they maintain will significantly reduce fatigue and the stress level. This company also specialises in producing transportation for overly large horses and their models are very popular in the industry today.

Other factors for your consideration include the choice of ramp or step. Some horses have an aversion to one or the other and this may determine your selection. Certain horse trailers also feature living quarters, to allow the caring owner to overnight very close to their horses. You might consider this option against your hotel budget and especially if you spend many a weekend away on the show circuit. Either way, all good horse trailers have an area for your tack storage and equipment.

Pay attention to the overall construction of your horse trailer and remember that the sturdier the better, especially in the unfortunate case of any accident. Make sure that a good airflow is possible, either through drop-down windows or slats, so that in warm weather the horse is comfortable during its journey. Your careful choice from the large variety of available horseboxes or horse trailers will help to add to the overall magic of your equestrian adventure.

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